Writing Romance 101 – Plotters Vs Pantsers

By Kimber Chin   There are two main schools of romance writing.   There are those writers that outline or plot the entire book before sitting down to write. There are very detailed plotters. They sketch out everything from character builds to action points. They knew exactly where the book is going.   At the other side of the spectrum are the pantsers. These writers write by the seat of... read more

Writing Romance 101 – The Black Moment

By Kimber Chin   The black moment is the place in a romance novel where all appears to be lost. There is no hope for the hero and heroine. Their relationship is doomed.   Romance readers expect this black moment. It is the peak of tension. A good black moment will make them cry. A bad black moment will make them groan.   The big misunderstanding is an example of a bad black moment. Dashing... read more

The Book Publishing Process and How to Submit Your Manuscript

By Eric M Head   Have you ever wandered into a book store and looked at all the books wondering how they go there? Maybe you are an up and coming author who sees those books on the shelves and you want to know how to get your book right there along side them.   In order to get your book published, it’s important to have an overview of the submission process. After you understand the... read more

Self-Publishing Books – What Are You Getting Yourself Into?

By Eric M Head   So you finally finished writing your masterpiece novel. It took a long time, but you managed to get the story right and you are excited see it as a book on the shelves of your local bookstore. You feel confident that once people read it, they are going to love it.   Before you get into self-publishing, you should know what it is and what is involved.   Book publishing is... read more

Characters In A Romance Novel

By Patty Apostolides Before you even begin writing your novel, you need to know who your characters will be. Minimally, you would want two major characters, the hero and the heroine. They will interact mostly with each other throughout the novel. How they interact with each other will determine the outcome of the story. Will they resist each other in the beginning of the story and by the end, fall in... read more

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